Former Sex Pistol John Lydon to appear on Question Time

As the artist formerly known as Johnny Rotten joins the political panel show, here's a taster of what to expect...

Thought John Lydon was just about punk rock and British butter? Well think again, because the former Sex Pistol is appearing on the panel of Question Time tonight (alongside energy and climate change secretary Ed Davey, former home secretary Alan Johnson, Conservative MP Louise Mensch and Sunday Times and Independent columnist Dominic Lawson) and we’re pretty confident he’ll be as entertainingly outspoken and contrary as usual.


Here are some reminders of the kind of performance and opinion we can expect from the artist formerly known as Johnny Rotten…

On British politics: “What I like about a coalition is you can get rid of them quick enough…”


On rock ‘n’ roll: “It’s dead, it’s a disease, it’s a plague, it’s vile…”


On arriving in Finland: “It’s just like anywhere else, isn’t it – awful and it rains…”


Question Times is on BBC1 tonight at 10:35pm