Films on TV Tonight, Wednesday 4 July

Today's picks include Pretty Woman, Went the Day Well?, Little Shop of Horrors, The Wicker Man, Get Him to the Greek and Wild at Heart


Pretty Woman – 1:45pm, Sky Movies Modern Greats


The popular rom-com set in LA stars Julia Roberts, hired as a prostitute by a wealthy businessman (Richard Gere) to accompany him as he mingles with the rich and famous. 

Went the Day Well? – 5:00pm, Film4

Based on a Graham Greene story, this Second World War drama starring Leslie Banks looks at how a group of German paratroopers, disguised as a British platoon, meet with stern local opposition when they invade an English village. Made in 1942, it existed as unofficial wartime propaganda. 

Little Shop of Horrors – 8:00pm, ITV3

Frank Oz brings to life this wacky comedy musical about a weedy flower-shop assistant who grows a bizarre plant with an alarming appetite for human flesh. Cue some clever horticultural special effects… 

The Wicker Man – 9:00pm, ITV4

This cult classic centres on a policeman sent to an island in search of a missing girl who locals claim never existed. The devoutly Christian Sgt Neil Howie (Edward Woodward), is soon shocked by the Celtic paganism practiced by the islanders. 

Get Him to the Greek – 10:00pm, Sky Movies Comedy

Russell Brand reprises his role from Forgetting Sarah Marshall in this comedy about record company employee Aaron Green (Jonah Hill) who’s charged with the unenviable task of escorting sex-crazed British rock star Aldous Snow from London to his comeback gig in LA.  

Wild at Heart – 10.50pm, ITV4


Newly-released convict Nicholas Cage and his young girlfriend Lula (Laura Dern) are on the run from a hitman hired by her vengeful mother. Their journey of discovery and danger is packed full of extreme violence.