Witness Sly Stallone’s Index Finger of Doom in The Expendables 2

See the action movie veteran apparently blowing away baddies with his bare hands in a new clip from the film

Chuck Norris may indeed have counted to infinity twice, but that’s not so impressive really. After all, Sly Stallone’s bare hands apparently function as machine pistols.


Yes, in this newly-released clip from eagerly-awaited action sequel The Expendables 2, Sly and Jason Statham find themselves outnumbered by a posse of no-goodniks in the middle of the jungle. But just when all seems lost, Sly makes a gun-like shape with his right hand which, unbelievably, starts spewing bullets, sending the bad guys to that great dispatched-henchmen-only party in the sky.

Or maybe it’s a nearby sniper who does the killing. It’s hard to tell from this snippet of film, and anyway it’s more fun to attribute the blasting to Sly’s Index Finger of Doom:

The clip also serves to demonstrate the quality of the movie’s action sequences, with a crashing and exploding jeep, and the cheesiness of its dialogue in Sly and Stath’s exchange in the forest.


In short, on the evidence of this video, Expendables 2 looks like it’ll be a barrel of fun for anyone keen on snub-nosed uzis and Christmas cracker jokes. If that sounds like your bag, the film’ll be muscling its way into British cinemas on Friday 17 August.