Seth MacFarlane’s Ted tops US box office on opening weekend

Family Guy creator's movie about a foul-mouthed teddy bear earns $54m during its first two days on release

Ted, the first movie by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, shot to number one at the US box office over its opening weekend, grossing $54.1m (£35m).


The film chronicles the adventures of a man-child played by Mark Wahlberg and his best friend, a foul-mothed pot-smoking teddy bear voiced by MacFarlane, who came to life as the result of a childhood Christmas wish.

Reviews of the movie have generally been positive, praising the film’s humour and inventiveness, and esteemed US critic Roger Ebert called Ted “the funniest movie character so far this year.”

Perhaps understandably for a film jam-packed with profanity and offbeat jokes, Ted’s earned an R rating in the States, meaning that anyone younger than 17 shouldn’t technically be able to see the film without an adult, a fact that makes the film’s box office success all the more remarkable.

In fact, only two R-rated movies have performed better than Ted in their opening weekends: 2011’s Hangover 2, which clawed in $85.9m, and Sex and the City 2, which earned $57m when it debuted in 2010.


UK audiences won’t be able to see Ted until it comes out in this country on Wednesday 1 August,  but in the meantime here’s the trailer: