Film DVD round-up: John Carter, This Means War and Project X

The biggest and best releases of the week reviewed and rated by our team

John Carter (Cert: 12)


4 stars

Megabucks Disney blockbuster about an American Civil War veteran who is transported to Mars

Formats: DVD, Blu-ray and 3D Blu-ray

Extras: DVD includes a look a the transition of Edgar Rice Burroughs’s hero from book to screen, plus an audio commentary from director Andrew Stanton and the film’s producers. The Blu-ray also has includes deleted scenes, a gag reel and a featurette about a day in the life of the production

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This Means War (Cert: 12)

2 stars

CIA operatives Tom Hardy and Chris Pine try to out-spook each other when they both fall for Reese Witherspoon

Formats: DVD and Blu-ray

Extras: The DVD includes seven minutes of deleted scenes and three alternative endings. The Blu-ray also features an extended version of the film,  audio commentary from director McG, an extra “Bachelorette party” scene and gag reel

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Project X (Cert: 18)

3 stars

A student party gets out of hand in this outrageous comedy

Formats: DVD and Triple Play (Blu-ray, DVD and digital download)

Extras: The DVD includes a five-minute look at the casting of the “Pasadena 3”, who play the film’s misfit trio. The Blu-ray includes a slightly extended cut of the film and two more short production featurettes

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Also out this week:

Cleanskin– Secret service agent Sean Bean is assigned to eliminate a suicide bomber in this thriller, out on DVD and Triple Play (Blu-ray, DVD and digital download)

Jack and Jill – Lowbrow laughs with Adam Sandler in dual roles, on DVD and Blu-ray

Margaret – DVD release for this drama starring Anna Paquin as a young woman who inadvertantly causes a tragic accident


Mallrats – Blu-ray release for Kevin Smith’s irreverent follow-up to Clerks