Ten question love song: play our Stone Roses quiz

Prove you know your Reni from your Mani in our ultra sophisticated Stone Roses head-scratcher

If you’re reading this on your iPad on the way to Heaton Park to see The Stone Roses, we’d like you to know that we’re rather jealous.


On the evidence of tickets to the mega-capacity show selling out faster than the Guinness in Oliver Reed’s local and the fact the band have been trending on Twitter all day long, it’s probably fair to say that the Mancunian quartet are at the forefront of most people’s minds at the moment.

But how well do you really know the group? Can you tell your Reni from your Mani? Could you pick Sally Cinnamon out of a line-up and remember whether or not it’s she who bangs the drums? Why not test your trivia knowledge to its limits with our gold-plated, state-of-the-art Stone Roses quiz?

Have a go at the questions, keep a mental tally of your score and check it against our categories at the end to determine just how, ugh, mad for it (or “mad for them”, I suppose) you really are…

1. What was the name of the drummer who replaced Reni in the band from 1995-1996?

2. In which year was controversial Roses compilation Turn Into Stone released?

3. In which month of 1996 did the Roses decide to call it a day?

4. Name the TV programme which famously suffered a power cut during a performance by the band.

5. In which English town did the band play their warm-up reunion concert in 2012?

6. What was the title of the Roses album recorded in 1985, which wasn’t released until November 1996 after the band had split?

7. What was the highest ever position achieved by the band in the UK singles chart?

8. And which single did they score that chart position with?

9. What was the name of the band John Squire formed after leaving The Stone Roses?

10. Which guitarist played with the Roses instead of Squire at the 1996 Reading Festival?



9-10: Bang on: You really are the ressurection.
6-8: Alright: You’re breaking into heaven.
3-5: Spanner: But don’t worry, your time will come.
You’re twisting me melon, man! And probably don’t realise that’s not even a Roses reference. Still, never mind: have a go at our film taglines quiz instead…