Meet Spencer Matthews – The Bachelor

Notorious Made in Chelsea ladies man swaps one reality show for another in the new series of The Bachelor - here's what you need to know...


So what’s it all about?


Every man’s favourite dream, that’s what. 24 single women line up for 10 episodes of dating, flirting (and cat-fighting) to compete for the affections of one lucky lothario in a series of romantic settings across Europe. In the final show “the bachelor” denotes his chosen lady with a red rose while the rest are sent packing.

Hold on, isn’t that Spencer Mathews off Made in Chelsea surrounded by a throng of gorgeous women?

Yes it is! After season one ‘celebrity’ Gavin Henson’s waxen charms failed to win over the object of his affections (he was branded “boring and spineless” by eventual winner Carianne Barrow), producers have nabbed “eligible bachelor” Spencer to court a bevy of single women. Tough day at the office indeed…

What’s he doing on The Bachelor?

Well, according to Spenny, “I’m at a point in my life where I want to find someone of meaning to me. I’ve been hanging out and dating the same kind of people now for quite some time. I want to give myself the opportunity to meet new people, different sorts of people.”

Ermm, don’t you already have a girlfriend Spencer?

Despite breaking the heart of best friend Jamie Laing by ending season three wrapped in the arms of co-star Louise Thompson, the pair have since announced their split, but still remain “close friends”. 

Poor Louise!

“It must be really hard for her to see me moving on in this way,” admits Spencer. “Because at the end of the day, it’s not the most natural way to move on, to go and date 24 girls.”

No kidding… So you’re after a bit of rough this time round then?

“Oh absolutely. It’s no problem to me where people come from. My father comes from Sheffield and is a mechanic. He worked really hard, wanted the best for his kids and helped me have a great upbringing. I can’t change the way I was brought up, but I can say I’ve dated a wide variety of girls and there’s definitely a wide variety of girls here. People’s character is what matters, not where they’re from.”

What’s your idea of a perfect date then?

“I’ve done the whole fast car to a helicopter to a Michelin Star restaurant, but it’s all a bit fussy I think. I’m more of a Nandos person if I’m being truthful. It’s all about the company rather than the OTT gestures. I pull a few tricks out of the bag on Valentine’s Day but it’s best to save all that for once a year though. You don’t want to overcook it and spoil someone.”

Glad we’re not your girlfriend, Spencer. So who would be your fantasy date?

“Mila Kunis. Family Guy is one of my favourite shows and she’s so beautiful. Beautiful and talented – wow.”

Family Guy is a cartoon Spencer – you can’t actually see her? Glad to see that Eton education paid off…

“I went to Eton with Prince Harry – he was a year above me. I know Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice really well, too. Bea’s boyfriend Dave Clark is a very good friend of mine.”

Alright Spencer, we didn’t ask you to list entries in your address book. You obviously deem yourself pretty important. Do you think your celebrity status has got in the way of finding true love in the past?

“I think you’re using the word celebrity very loosely. I’d usually reserve it for very talented individuals. But that’s very kind of you to say it and I guess I am recognised now for doing Made In Chelsea. When you meet so many people and are out and about as much as I am, trust can be a problem. I am a trusting person and I’m open and honest with everyone so hopefully these girls will respond likewise and be honest with me.”

So does this mean you’ve finished being filmed sowing your seed all over Chelsea?

“No, I haven’t as far as I’m aware. The two shows don’t conflict and there will be a season four of Made In Chelsea. Discussions are taking place right now and at no point have I left the show. I love the show and if I’m allowed to proceed, I’d want to take part again. It’s just something we’re talking about at the moment.”

So to sum up The Bachelor…

Ladies man Spencer goes on an extended holiday in sunny Europe with a host of beautiful models, all desperate to sleep with him. Great life for him, great viewing for us? Well the man from Chelsea has previously claimed “I’m so honest with everyone, it’s just, like, maybe it’s a downfall,” and we all know honesty makes for a great reality show (we’re talking to you Simon Cowell). But it remains to be seen whether the world can take another dose of Spencer Matthews-based reality TV…

Can’t wait, when’s it on?


The first episode of The Bachelor series two starts tonight on Channel 5 at 10:00pm. If your Friday night plans involve a bottle of Tequila and a sweaty dancefloor, we recommend a Saturday morning catch-up session for what will surely be perfect hangover viewing.