Films on TV Tonight, Sunday 24 June

Tonight's picks include Dorian Gray, Up in the Air, Attack the Block, The Long Kiss Goodnight, Elizabeth: the Golden Age and Alien 3

Dorian Gray – 9.00pm, Film4


Chilling Oscar Wilde adaptation with Ben Barnes starring as the over-indulgent Victorian aristocrat who retains his youthful good looks, but at the cost of something far greater.

Up in the Air – 9.00pm, BBC2

George Clooney stars in this smart comedy drama as a smooth jetsetter with the personal goal of accumulating 10 million air miles. However, his luxurious lifestyle comes under threat when an up and coming executive challenges the relevance of his cosy job.

Elizabeth: the Golden Age – 9.00pm, ITV3

Cate Blanchett reprises her role as the Tudor monarch in this historical period drama that focuses on her growing hostilities with Mary Stuart and King Philip, as well as the impending Spanish Armada.

Attack the Block – 10.00pm, Channel 4

Hoodies meet aliens in this eclectic horror comedy from up and coming British director Joe Cornish.  

The Long Kiss Goodnight – 10.00pm, Channel 5

Over the top action thriller with Geena Davis as an amnesiac housewife trying to piece together her past life as a CIA hitwoman. Also starring Samuel L Jackson as her reluctant sidekick and Craig Bierko as the dastardly villain.

Alien 3 – 11.45pm, Channel 4


In this sci-fi horror sequel from David Fincher, Sigourney Weaver returns as Warrant Officer Ripley, this time crash landing on a planet populated exclusively by convicts. Things go smoothly, until something starts picking off the inmates one by one.