Florence Welch on life in the public eye

Florence and the Machine singer says lack of privacy gives her a "funny feeling"


Flame-haired pop sensation Florence Welch has admitted that she finds it hard to cope with the loss of privacy that comes with being famous.


In an interview published in Radio Times, the singer said: “Like going to the park and then seeing yourself in the papers two days later – it gives you a bit of a funny feeling. But it’s not really my place to complain.”

She also revealed that she takes inspiration from Kate Moss in her dealings with the press, repeating the model’s mantra of “never explain, never complain,” and said: “It’s like the whole world is one big acquaintance now.”

Asked if she might like to “do a Lily Allen” and retire from performing in favour of a more normal lifestyle, Welch said: “I think you crave stability when you’re in an environment where everything seems transient,

“It’s a nice idea to be settled and I’d like to get married and kids would be nice. But I’d quite like five years before any of that happens.”


Read the full interview with Florence, in which she discusses her upbringing, outlook on life and her changing relationship with the stage in this week’s Radio Times magazine, available now priced £1.40.