Doctor Who – should the Ice Warriors return?

Matt Smith has – very subtly – hinted that the classic Who foes could be back for the 50th anniversary. But what do you think?

Sometimes a look can say it all. At least, that’s what fans of classic Doctor Who are hoping after Matt Smith – brace yourselves! – smiled when asked whether the Ice Warriors would be returning for the 50th anniversary of the show next year.


Smith was attending the 11th Hour Doctor Who mini-convention in Birmingham at the weekend when the question was put to him, and now the internet is buzzing (or at least humming slightly) with what is being interpreted by most as a very exciting “Yes”.

The reptilian humanoid Martians were first encountered by Patrick Troughton’s second Doctor in the 1967 story The Ice Warriors, when one of their spaceships was discovered beneath a glacier on Earth. They subsequently appeared in a number of Doctor Who adventures, including 1974 serial The Monster of Peladon.

This is not the only recent rumour of the Ice Warriors’ return. Last week, the Daily Star quoted “a source” as saying the monsters would indeed be back to do battle with the Doctor and his new companion Jenna-Louise Coleman next year – even going so far as to claim that the episode would be written by Mark Gatiss, who resurrected the Daleks in 2010.


The question is, do you think it’s a good idea? Vote in our poll and comment below to tell us whether you’d like to see the Ice Warriors back next year…