“Always look fi da positives” – Rastamouse interviewed

As he launches his own magazine, we chat to the reggae-playing, crime-solving rodent


Come in, come in Rastamouse, are you reading me? How does it feel to have your own magazine? Will it be like Radio Times?
Mi very pleased dat we been asked to put a magazine togedda cos it one wicked way to keep dem likkle ones busy wid all dat drawin’, all dem stickers an’ plenty ah crucial stories. Mi sure dem readers gonna love it jus’ like da Radio Times but it nah gonna be filled wid pages bout what’s on tv. Though mi hope Lil Patch gonna be chattin’ bout For Real FM on CBeebies radio. It one wicked radio show!


You’re visiting London on 19 June. What are you planning to do there? 
We been tinkin’ dat London nah as chilled as Grovetown, so we plannin’ on visitin’ a few places an’ helpin ya all to mek a bad ting good! Even if ya nah see us ‘round da town give us a big shout out on Twitter an Facebook!

Where can people see you on the day? 
Fats is doin’ da drivin an’ Zoomer got da map so dey know what we got planned. We been invited to meet wid mi friends at da Guardian newspaper an’ we got a plan to hook up wid some likkle ones tru da day.

How are the Easy Crew? What mysteries have you solved lately? 
Mi an’ da crew been real busy recordin’ our new single Run Wid Me an’ solvin’ some mysteries fi da Prez. Dere’s gonna be some new TV episodes over da summer too. Da most puzzlin’ mystery was where Zoomer lef’ him bongos. Him lost dem unique bongos an’ ya know him cyant jam widdout dem.

Your approach to crime is focused less on punishment and more on understanding the underlying reasons for it. Why is that important? Could British law and order learn from you?
It nah mi place to be chattin’ bout politics an’ ting but we always lookin’ to mek a bad ting good. 

Are you a man or a mouse?
Cyant ya see me a mouse? Fi real . . .  

Why do you think there are so many crimes (albeit not serious ones) in your neighbourhood?
Mi tink it always easy to see da negatives but it’s bare important to always look fi da positives. All da mice in Mouseland have wicked skills an’ sometime we all need a likkle help to find out what tings we good at.

Why is cheese so important to you?
Ya mean ya never heard how much mice love cheese?  An’ Half Pint mek plenty ah wicked flavas in da Grovetown dairy.

If you had to choose between your two great loves, fighting crime and playing reggae music, which would you choose?
Da Easy Crew is one wicked band an’ playin music is what we love to do but as long as we can help da President we always gonna be ready to get involved in solvin’ mysteries an’ ting too.

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Have any of your plans gone awry recently?
Dere was a bit ah confusion when we were gettin’ set up for Stylee’s Summer Jam. Da instructions we got from Wensley Dale got a likkle confused but mi gotta say dat we all worked togedda an’ got everyting ready jus’ in time. Workin’ wid each udda as a team is bare important. 

Oh an’ one final ting. We lookin forward to lookin’ at all da entries in da magazine ‘Create A Character’ competition. Get drawin’ likkle ones. Irie man!


Rastamouse Magazine is in shops now