Young Sherlock Holmes and the case of the Benedict Cumberbatch lookalike

The Sherlock Holmes prequel is on TV tonight - ever noticed how Nicholas Rowe could be a young Benedict Cumberbatch?


There’s a chance to see Young Sherlock Holmes, the 1985 movie prequel to the tales of the great detective, on Film4 tonight (6:50pm).


While very much non-canonical, the film (also known as Young Sherlock Holmes and the Pyramid of Fear) is an enjoyable yarn that imagines what might have happened had Holmes and Watson embarked on their first case together as schoolboys.

It features a love interest for the detective in the form of Sophie Ward, includes scenes in which Holmes and Watson trip out on a powerful hallucinogenic drug, and is significant in cinema history as the first time CGI was used on film. 

But arguably the most striking thing about the movie is the uncanny resemblance between teenage lead Nicholas Rowe and Benedict Cumberbatch. Rowe looks for all the world as if he could have grown up to be the Sherlock star – and with all the attention Cumberbatch is getting at the moment, he probably wishes he had…

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