Scandinavian drama quiz: do you know your Borgen from your Bridge?

Get ready for BBC4's repeat of Borgen with our fun, no expenses spared Scandi-drama quiz

Hot on the heels of its Bafta win, BBC4 is repeating the first season of Danish political thriller Borgen, kicking off tonight at 9:00pm.


Over the last few years drama has seemingly become one of Scandinavia’s principal exports, with shows like The Killing and films such as The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo proving so successful around the world that they’ve even attained that holy grail of all international TV producers: the American remake.

And these dramas are attracting their fair share of obsessive fans too. I mean, take a look at all these photos Killing fans sent us of themselves dressed up as Sarah Lund.

But how well do people really know these dramas? Think you know your Borgen from your Bridge? Well have a go at our quiz, keep a mental tally of how many answers you get right, and check your total at the bottom of the page to find out how you rate as a Scandi-drama expert…

1. Name the actress who plays Sarah Lund in the Danish version of The Killing:

2. Which two countries were connected by The Bridge’s titular structure?

3. What political rank does Birgitte Nyborg attain in Borgen?

4. Which author’s novel was the basis for Morten Tyldum’s film Headhunters?

5. Name a blockbuster sci-fi film which stars The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo lead Noomi Rapace:

6. What is the name of the lead male character in the Swedish version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?

7. By what title is Stieg Larsson’s trilogy of books about Lisbeth Salander known?

8. Where in the United States is the American remake of The Killing set?

9. Who starred in the 2005 Swedish TV version of Wallander?

10. And which actor played the title role in Wallander’s British remake?

11. Who directed the Danish film A Royal Affair, which is released in cinemas on Friday?

12. What is the anglicised name of Den som dræber, which was broadcast in this country on ITV3?

13. What condition does The Bridge’s Saga Noren suffer from?

14. Which novelist created the character Kurt Wallander?

15. In which Danish city was The Killing filmed?

16. In which Stieg Larsson film adaptation does Lisbeth Salander start writing her autobiography?

17. Which channel broadcast Sebastian Bergman in the UK?

18. Name the Scandinavian drama about a New York mobster which was Netflix’s first original series:

19. Which British sitcom featured a cameo from Sarah Lund in 2011?

20. Which James Bond actor starred in the US remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo?


15-20:Tillykke! (“Congratulations!” in Danish). But with a score this good you probably knew that already. You really know your Scandi-onions.
10-14: Utmärkt (“Excellent” in Swedish). You might not be quite as on the ball as Sarah Lund, but you’re not far off.

5-9: Rom for forbedring (“Room for improvement” in Norwwegian, at least according to Google Translate). Don’t worry though – a few more nights in front of BBC4 should set you right.


0-4: Poor (“Bloody awful” in English). Never mind, there’s lots of other stuff on the box besides Scandi-dramas. Maybe you’re stronger on movies? Have a bash at our movie taglines quiz and let’s win you back some self-esteem…