Films on TV today, Sunday 10 June

Today's picks include Aliens, Scarface, Predators, Under Siege, Hot Shots! Part Deux and ET: the Extra Terrestrial


ET: the Extra Terrestrial – 6:45pm, ITV2


Classic sci-fi adventure from Steven Spielberg about a ten-year-old boy who befriends an alien trying to return to his home world.

Hot Shots! Part Deux – 7:20pm, Film4

Charlie Sheen stars in this riotous action spoof, which sees him dispatched to Iraq on a mission to rescue hostages.

Predators – 9:00pm, Sky Movies Showcase

A group of humans become prey for the iconic alien hunters in this sci-fi adventure from Nimrod Antal.

Under Siege – 10:50pm, Film4

Action adventure starring Steven Seagal and Tommy Lee Jones about a captain’s attempts to stop a US Navy battleship from being hijacked by terrorists.

Scarface – 11:00pm, ITV4

Gangster drama starring Al Pacino as Tony Montana, a Cuban criminal who pursues the American Dream with ruthless efficiency.

Aliens – 11:05pm, Channel 4


James Cameron’s explosive sci fi sequel sees Sigourney Weaver and a team of marines landing on a colonised planet to investigate the disappearance of its inhabitants.