Films on TV Today, Saturday 9 June

Today's picks include The Secret Garden, Goal!, Steel Magnolias, Black Swan, Star Trek and 28 Weeks Later


The Secret Garden – 12.10pm, Channel 5


Kate Maberly and Maggie Smith star in this period drama, based on Frances Hdgson Burnett’s class novel, about orphaned Mary Lennox who returns to England from India after her parents die in an earthquake.

Goal! – 2.45pm, BBC2

British scout Glen Foy spots talent in Mexican immigrant Santiago Munez and gets him a trial for English Premiership side Newcastle United but skills aren’t all that’s required to make it in the tough world of football.

Steel Magnolias – 4.40pm, Channel 5

Comedy drama with a stellar cast of Sally Field, Dolly Parton, Shirley MacLaine, Daryl Hannah and Julia Roberts, about a group of women in a small Louisiana town who draw on their friendship when confronted by tragedy.

Black Swan – 8.00pm, Sky Movies Drama & Romance

Natalie Portman puts in an Oscar-winning performance in this psychological thriller about an aspiring lead ballerina whose determination to land a coveted role in Swan Lake threatens her sanity.

Star Trek – 9.00pm, Film4

In JJ Abrams’ prequel to the sci-fi franchise, an evil Romulan arrives from the future and the young crew of the USS Enterprise find themselves embroiled in an epic battle.

28 Weeks Later – 1.10am, Film4


The ‘Rage’ virus returns in this sequel to horror thriller 28 Days Later after virus survivor Don (Robert Carlyle) is reunited with his children amid US military efforts to resettle the city of London.