You’ve Been Tubed: from The Wire the musical to a man parking a car

Also in this week's awesomest viral videos: Barack Obama (again!), Rachel Riley and Mrs Doubtfire the killer

1. Parallel universe
Some sort of world car-parking championship, culminating in a man getting a Mini into a space 15cm longer than the vehicle.


A follow-up video, where he spends 10 minutes trying to manoeuvre back out of the space again before giving up and furiously shunting the car in front, has not become a viral hit.

2. Potus of pop

You’ve Been Tubed regular and politician Barack Obama scores again, although this time someone else has done the work for him, splicing his speeches together to make him “sing” Carly Rae Jepsen’s chaste-pop megahit, Call Me Maybe.

3. Golly gush

Countdown character-wrangler Rachel Riley in an enjoyable celebrity episode of Scott Mills’ hysterical insert.

4. “Those who do not follow the schedule will be… punished”

Robin Williams won acclaim for films like One Hour Photo and Insomnia, where he played creepy maniacs instead of hairy quippers. Many critics had apparently forgotten that terrifying film he did where an unhinged man dons a rubber mask and assumes the personality of a giant woman to inveigle his way back into his ex-wife’s house. This re-cut trailer for Mrs Doubtfire – an idea that’s been done several times before, but never quite as well as this – presents it as the horror classic it always truly was.

5. “Bubs! Don’t do drugs!”


Suddenly the endless cycle of deprivation and crime in America’s benighted inner cities doesn’t seem so bad.