Watch the first trailer for Flight starring Denzel Washington

Get your first look at Robert Zemeckis's 2013 film


The first trailer for upcoming film Flight has hit the airwaves. 


Oscar-winner Denzel Washington stars as a pilot who saves a plane full of people in a miraculous landing manoeuvre. However, after his act of heroism, the reason for the crash comes into question and he is bombarded by press attention. See if you think Denzel will survive the media storm that awaits him:

Robert Zemeckis directs the film and is best known for his work on the Back to the Future trilogy and the 2009 version of A Christmas Carol. Other stars in the film include James Badge Dale and John Goodman.

The film is set for release in the UK on Friday 25 January 2013 — just after you take that holiday plane ride.


What do you make of the trailer? Looking forward to seeing Flight next year? Post a comment and let us know…