Simon Cowell cookery show has the Eggs Factor

The X Factor boss's production company is involved in a new ITV show seeking Britain's best recipe


X Factor boss Simon Cowell is set to indulge his love of food by producing a new ITV1 series offering amateur cooks the chance to see their recipe on the shelves of Marks & Spencer.


Food, Glorious Food! – a joint production between Cowell’s company Syco and Optomen, which makes Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares – claims to be “the biggest ever search for Britain’s best-loved recipe” and hints at some X Factor-style emotional journeys along the way. 

“Every recipe tells a story,” say the show’s makers, “and every family has a special recipe that tugs at your heart strings, makes you smile, brings back memories and sums up all that’s great about food.”  

Cowell is known to have been interested in developing a cooking show for some time, as reported by last September

In line with Cowell’s much-reported fondness for home-cooked food (such as pasties, shepherd’s pie and his mum’s roast potatoes) the new series will focus on dishes made “with love by mums, dads, husbands and wives, grannies, families and friends,” rather than the gourmet gastronomy of many modern TV cookery programmes.

“It’s about home cooking, it’s about the best of British, it’s about the recipes your mum passed down or your granny used to cook or you use to impress your girlfriend,” said an ITV spokesperson.

According to its website, Food, Glorious Food! will “scour the country in search of one very special dish that everyone across the UK will, for the first time ever, be able to buy and eat.” 

And as well as seeing their dish on the shelves of M&S across the country, the winner will get a “mouth-watering” prize of £20,000. 


Think you have a winning recipe? Apply via the show’s website.