Find out what Louise Brealey really thinks of Sherlock…

The actress who plays Molly Hooper has a special word to describe the character, but says Benedict Cumberbatch is “heaven”


“Sociopath” is the term many have used to describe the detective’s combination of superiority complex and social disconnection but Sherlock star Louise Brealey has another word.


“Well, he’s a bit of a d**k isn’t he?” she said when asked what it was that fascinated audiences about Benedict Cumberbatch’s character.

Brealey, who plays Sherlock-smitten lab geek Mollie Hooper in the BBC1 series, was quick to add of the detective, “He’s really charming in spite of himself. He’s incredibly charismatic. He’s quite an extreme character but utterly credible – the idea of Sherlock being young and dysfunctional just works better than any of us could ever have hoped.”

Whatever Brealey’s feelings about Sherlock, it’s clear she’s keen on Cumberbatch. The actor is “heaven,” she told RedCarpetNewsTV, adding that he was gradually coming to terms with his superstar status. 

“He’s just a really nice, caring good egg and I’m just really pleased for him that he’s become a megastar. I think he’s really quite surprised by the whole thing – but he’s adapting.”

And Brealey agrees with many female fans that there’s one particularly appealing feature shared by both the actor and his character – that shock of silky curls.

“You just want to run your fingers through his hair all the time,” she said. “I like his hair more in Sherlock than in any other thing he does. I think he should keep it like that all the time.”


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