Films on TV tonight, Monday 4 June

Enjoy your leftover cucumber sandwiches with Great British classics including Quantum of Solace, Bridge on the River Kwai and Four Weddings


Quantum of Solace – 9.00pm, ITV1


It’s not a Bank Holiday without Bond, but Daniel Craig isn’t keeping Her Majesty’s best interests at heart this Jubilee weekend. He goes rogue in the desert to exact revenge for the murder of his sweetheart in a brooding entry to the series.

The Remains of the Day – 9.35pm, Yesterday

Anthony Hopkins gets hot under the collar playing a butler in love with Emma Thompson’s housekeeper. But unlike Daniel Craig, he keeps his top button firmly fastened in a heartbreaking study of repression.

The Terminator  – 10.30pm, BBC2

Arnold Schwarzenegger came crashing into the popular consciousness in the year 1984 playing a time-travelling cyborg bent on killing Linda Hamilton. It’s an iconic performance that led to three sequels and an even more unlikely political career.

The Bridge on the River Kwai – 4.00pm, Yesterday

Did we mention it’s a Bank Holiday? That’s the perfect excuse to while away three hours watching David Lean’s multi-Oscar-winning World War Two drama starring the late, great Alec Guinness. We salute you, sir.

Four Weddings and a Funeral – 9.00pm, 5*


Hugh Grant could never have known that his life would change forever after signing up for this Richard Curtis scripted rom-com as a commitment shy fop who falls for Andie MacDowell. Just the thing to keep you in a celebratory mood.