Films on TV tonight, Sunday 3 June

Today's picks are District 9, Charlotte's Web, Wanted and The Hoax. What a complex web we weave...


District 9 – 9.00pm, Channel4


Aliens invade South Africa in this rabble-rousing blend of sci-fi action and social commentary. Nobody saw it coming before it’s release in 2009, but it went on to storm the box office.

Charlotte’s Web – 4.25pm, Channel4

Kids and grown-ups alike will be drawn into this modern re-spin of EB White’s classic farm tale using a combination of live action and CG effects. It’s up to Dakota Fanning to save a pig’s bacon while Julia Roberts narrates as the eponymous spider.

Wanted – 10.00pm, ITV2

Angelina Jolie whips James McAvoy into shape in this hyperkinetic action film about an average guy recruited into a secret special ops team. It’s basically every boy’s fantasy played out with startling special effects. (Apparently those lips are real, though.)

The Hoax – 12.00am, BBC2


One of Richard Gere’s most underrated films sees him as real-life struggling writer Clifford Irving who convinced a publishing house that he’d secured access to the famous recluse Howard Hughes. Ironically, Irving complained that the film was an inaccurate portrayal.