The Voice UK 2012: grand final – live blog

Who will win? Will anyone be watching it? Jack Seale is, and he demands your constant attention


Can this momentous day have arrived already? Can the talent show that has become such an integral part of British life really be over? We’re afraid so: expect riots in the streets later tonight as bereft citizens rage impotently at the loss of The Voice UK from our screens.


Still, let’s look at the positives: we have two last performances to savour from each of four megastar vocalists. BO BRUCE! TYLER JAMES! Er… hang on, who are the other two? Oh yes. VINCE KIDD! LEANNE MITCHELL!

Join in with all the fun – and we use that word with some confidence – by looking at and, where appropriate, typing into the box immediately below this sentence. Let’s liveblog this mother together!


(This live blog has finished! Read the archived version instead!)