Films on TV tonight, Saturday 2 June

Today's picks are Alien, Return of the King, Zoolander, Ratatouille and some Chocolate for afters...


Ratatouille – 5.35pm, BBC1


A sewer rat causes a stir in the kitchen of a fancy French restaurant in this Oscar-winning Pixar animation. The visuals are sumptuous, but they’re just the cherry on top of a really great story. Listen out for Peter O’Toole as a curmudgeonly food critic.

Alien – 11.05pm, Channel4

John Hurt suffers a famously bad case of indigestion in Ridley Scott’s deep space thriller and Sigourney Weaver is left to clear up the mess. Enjoy a repeat experience of this 1979 classic as Scott’s long-gestating prequel Prometheus lifts off in cinemas. 

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King – 7.20pm, Channel4

Take a journey to Middle-earth in the concluding part of Peter Jackson’s stunning trilogy. The director bagged an Oscar for his trouble, but if Frodo’s experience is anything to go buy, he ought to be wary of shiny gold things…

Chocolate – 11.05pm, Film4

No, not the gushy romantic drama with Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp. This is the much acclaimed, bone-crunching kickboxing film from Thailand about an autistic girl who lets her hands and feet do the talking. It’s a bit tasty.

Zoolander – 9.00pm, E4


Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson fans drool over this comedy which sees them as rival male supermodels embroiled in an assassination plot. It will take more than killer looks; thankfully Stiller can stop hearts with his famous ‘Blue Steel’ pose.