Diamond Jubilee quiz: how well do you know Elizabeth II?

Prepare for the big weekend by testing your knowledge of the Queen


This weekend the streets will be lined with people celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s 60 years on the throne. Before you battle through the crowds, impress yourself and your friends with how well you know Her Maj…


1. How many prime ministers has she seen come and go?

2. How many other British kings and queens have reigned for 50 years or more?

3. When is her real birthday?

4. How many godchildren does she have?

5. How many corgis does she have, and what are their names?

6. True or false: the Queen is the first British monarch to have celebrated a Diamond Wedding anniversary.

7. Where did the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh marry?

8. In which year did she issue a writ against The Sun for publishing an early copy of her Christmas broadcast?

9. How tall is she?

10. How many Royal thrones does she have?

11. How many portraits has she sat for during her reign?

12. The Queen was the first monarch to open which Palace to the public?

13. The Queen owns all of what kind of bird in Britain?

14. How many people around the world watched the Queen’s Coronation?

15. What year did Her Majesty launch the Royal Yacht Britannia?

16. What is the new breed of dog that The Queen introduced?

17. What was the first football match the Queen attended?

18. In which year did she launch the British Monarchy’s official website?

19. Have many Archbishops of Canterbury have there been during the Queen’s reign?

20. What unusual gift did the Queen receive from the President of Cameroon in 1972?



15-20: Genius! You should be knighted for your knowledge
10-14: Valiant effort. Her Majesty would be impressed
5-9: Before you have a drink at that street party, you might want to study this list so as to not embarrass yourself
0-4: Be thankful The Queen can’t chop off your head any more