The Apprentice 2012 final – who should win?

Lord Sugar has whittled the candidates down to four - should he choose Tom Gearing, Ricky Martin, Jade Nash or Nick Holzherr?

Sixteen started the process, and now only four candidates remain. But as Mark Halliley, the show’s narrator, reminds us at the end of each programme: there can only be one winner. Who should it be?


Market trader Adam Corbally got the boot in last night’s semi-final, leaving Tom Gearing, Ricky Martin, Jade Nash and Nick Holzherr to fight it out in the grand finale on Sunday night.

Of course, Lord Sugar isn’t actually looking for an Apprentice any more, but someone to go into business with. Therefore, there’s still everything to play for as the remaining candidates showcase their business ideas to Lord Sugar – and of course undertake a series of grillings from his po-faced business pals.


Who should be picked? The final decision is Lord Sugar’s – but here, it’s up to you…