Paul Hollywood’s Great British street party – Regal sandwiches

Even the Queen herself might be bored of the same old cucumber sandwiches. Thankfully the master baker has some more exotic ideas


I like a good egg sandwich – with salad cream: boil your egg, mash it, add a little bit of salad cream and some cress and Bob’s your uncle. You want to use a good sliced white bread – I prefer Warburtons; I think it’s down to the waxed paper. For presentation, it’s fine to keep the crusts on.


Another classic is ham and mustard. Use good quality ham and wholemeal bread and a little bit of English mustard. Butter always tastes better in a sandwich; one of the easy spreadables is fine, so you don’t break the bread.

I love coronation chicken as a separate dish, but it’s fantastic in a good ciabatta, too; add a bit of mango to it and it tastes wonderful.

Open sandwiches work well, and I’d use a toasted seeded bread or toasted sourdough for those. One of my favourites, which is very simple and which most people like, is avocado on sourdough. Smear ripe avocado on top of your sourdough – treat it like a butter – then top that with some really ripe plum or cherry tomatoes, add a squeeze of lemon juice, then get some Parma ham, grill it till it goes crispy, break it up and put it on top.


Make sure the food is chilled just before it comes out. Don’t leave it out there for hours. Cover your food until it’s needed then, at the last minute, take the covers off. Get a big net that you can put over everything. Once it’s out, keep the food at an ambient temperature if you can.