Watch Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch and Doctor Who’s Matt Smith present Steven Moffat with a Bafta

Relive the moment from last night's awards when Sherlock, Doctor Who and the man behind them were on stage together

It’s a fanboy’s – and very much a fangirl’s – fantasy: Sherlock, the Doctor and the man who brings them to the screen all in one place.


And it became a reality last night as Benedict Cumberbatch and Matt Smith presented Steven Moffat with the Bafta’s Special Award for his “outstanding creative writing contribution to television”.

Cumberbatch and Smith were an entertaining double act (not something that can be said for all those who presented an award last night) and praised their “colleague and great friend” before giving Moffat the stage.


And if it looks as if Matt Smith is checking out Benedict Cumberbatch’s bum while he’s otherwise engaged (see the still above) well, we’re sure it’s just a trick of the light but after all, who would blame him….?