Films on TV tonight, Monday 28 May

Today's picks include Die Another Day, Stargate, Mad Money and Any Given Sunday

Die Another Day — 9.00pm, ITV2


Ahead of Skyfall, here’s another chance to see Pierce Brosnan as the more dapper 007. He’s joined by Halle Berry in a mission to wipe the scowl of Toby Stephens’ face. This will require at least two big explosions. 

Mad Money — 6.45pm, Film4

Queen Latifah, Katie Holmes and Diane Keaton club together for this oestregeon-fuelled heist caper. They’re tired of doing the housekeeping at the Federal Reserve Bank and decide to take their bosses to the cleaners.

Stargate  — 11.45pm, ITV4

It’s the sci-fi adventure that spawned many a TV spin-off. James Spader and Kurt Russell take an interstellar trip to a parallel version of Ancient Egypt and kick up a lot of dust with the local sun god.

Any Given Sunday — 11.00pm, TCM

If the England football team had a coach like Al Pacino, they’d be guaranteed to win the Euros. He takes charge of the failing Miami Sharks and it’s just as well they have helmets and padding because Pacino is in a foul mood.

Empire Records — 1.55am, Channel 4


Before she hit big in Jerry Maguire, Renee Zellweger appeared with Liv Tyler in this tuneful comedy about a little record shop threatened with a corporate takeover. They didn’t see iTunes coming…