Borgen series three will likely be its last, reveals the show’s creator

Plus the writer adds that the third series will air in Denmark in 2013, the same year that UK viewers will see series two on BBC4

Fans of Danish political drama Borgen should enjoy it while they can because Prime Minister Birgitte Nyborg Christensen won’t be around for much longer.


“I’m currently writing series three, which I think will be the last one,” series creator Adam Price told at last night’s Bafta TV awards. “It will be on in Denmark in January 2013. I think series two will be on in January 2013 in the UK.”

Of that second series, Price added: “It will be quite dramatic. The war in Afghanistan is one of the things we’re going into.”

Following Borgen’s win in the International Programme category, Price acknowledged how influential crime series The Killing had been when it came to the success of Danish drama:

“It paved the way and made people notice the drama that we’re doing. We’re on a wave right now. We were told when we started our show that it would be too Danish too travel. But selling it to the whole world has been incredible.”

Star Sidse Babett Knudsen – who confessed to a love of UK shows Sherlock and Horrible Histories – added:


“I think the quality of Danish drama has gone up. You haven’t missed out on 20 years of great programmes.”