Eurovision at a glance part three: Lithuania to Serbia

See and hear entries from Donny Montell to Željko Joksimović


Country: Lithuania
Artist: Donny Montell
Song title: Love Is Blind
Composer: Brandon Stone
Lyricist: Brandon Stone & Jodie Rose
Odds: 150/1
Twitter: @DonnyMontell


Country: Malta
Artist: Kurt Calleja
Song title: This Is The Night
Composer: Johan Jämtberg, Mikael Gunnerås & Kurt Calleja
Lyricist: Johan Jämtberg, Mikael Gunnerås & Kurt Calleja
Odds: 150/1
Twitter: @KurtCalleja

Country: Moldova
Artist: Pasha Parfeny
Song title: Lăutar
Composer: Pasha Parfeny, Alex Brashovean
Lyricist: Pasha Parfeny
Odds: 80/1
Twitter: @cojvit

Country: Norway
Artist: Tooji
Song title: Stay
Composer: Tooji, Figge Boström & Peter Boström
Lyricist: Tooji, Figge Boström & Peter Boström
Odds: 40/1
Twitter: @Tooji_

Country: Romania
Artist: Mandinga
Song title: Zaleilah
Composer: Costi Ionita
Lyricist: Elena Ionescu, Dihigo Omar Secada, Costi Ionita
Odds: 20/1
Twitter: @mandingaRO

Country: Russia
Artist: Buranovskiye Babushki
Song title: Party For Everybody
Composer: Viktor Drobysh, Timofei Leontiev
Lyricist: Olga Tuktareva, Marry S. Applegate
Odds: 5/1
Twitter: @BBabushki

Country: Serbia
Artist: Željko Joksimović
Song title: Nije Ljubav Stvar
Composer: Željko Joksimović
Lyricist: Marina Tucaković / Miloš Roganović
Odds: 7/1
Twitter: @zzeljko

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