Alec Baldwin is a welcome spanner in the works of Hollywood machine

As reports circulate that the actor publicly insulted Harvey Weinstein, Stella Papamichael defends his right to sound off

Alec Baldwin is angry. OK, that’s not actually news – that’s just seemingly the actor’s natural resting state. But he keeps reminding us of this fact with random outbursts, which these days come thick and fast via Twitter.


The news part is that this time Alec is (angrily) reacting to news about the press reaction to his (possible) overreaction at being (allegedly) snubbed by the all-powerful producer Harvey Weinstein.

In a tweet last night he stated, “All US entertainment media outlets are worthless trash to be avoided. Except, maybe, three.”

It was The Hollywood Reporter that broke the story about Alec turning up at a party in Cannes, ranting because Weinstein had declined to appear in his documentary Seduced and Abandoned (about his efforts to bankroll a movie).

“I don’t care who knows,” he shouted. “After the success he had at Cannes last year and all the f—ing Oscars, he’s still a f—ing douche bag! I can’t believe it.”

That’s why you’ve got to love Alec Baldwin. He just doesn’t care. He’s almost guaranteed to say the wrong thing at the wrong time (very loudly). But there’s something so right about that in an industry obsessed with appearances.

Inevitably, the ‘douche’ claims have spread like a bad smell and a source close to the actor has stepped in and tried to diffuse the situation by explaining that Baldwin actually called Weinstein “an a-hole, not a d-bag…”

Whoever that guy is, you’ve got to love him too. He puts the ‘butt’ into rebuttal in many ways – all of them very wrong. And yet, so right…!

I will not be drawn into the ‘a-hole’ versus ‘d-bag’ debate, but I can and will support Alec Baldwin’s right to speak his mind. I do so in the name of democracy, but mostly because, if it weren’t for the few mavericks like Alec, Hollywood would suck itself into a vacuum of hype.

And the rest of us might all be sucked in along with it.

Alec’s outspokenness may have had a detrimental effect on his career, but the Hollywood publicity machine needs a jolt of uncensored emotion every now and then to keep people engaged. And Alec is clearly full of it.

The pseudo-philosophising of other A-List stars (see yesterday’s Cannes report) only serves to highlight the ephemeral nature of life and the essential pointlessness of red carpet interviews.

Alec has his reflective moments too, though, like earlier this week when he spoke to THR about his many years in the industry. The difference is, he doesn’t dress it up. “The movie business is the worst girlfriend in the world,” he said. “You go back again and again and again. You go back with another chance to do something that you want… You are seduced and abandoned over and over again.”


Alec might have woken up this morning feeling similarly used and abused, but when the fame game gets too much, it might help him to know that whatever Harvey thinks, the media will always be here for him, hanging on his every word.