Karen Gillan on her Doctor Who exit: “I couldn’t read the script without crying”

The actress says she and her co-stars shed tears after shooting their final scene together, but admits Amy Pond returning for a Doctor Who movie is not out of the question


Ever since her upcoming departure from Doctor Who was announced last December Karen Gillan has been ratcheting up the anticipation, telling fans what an emotional experience they’re in for later this year when Amy Pond and her husband Rory finally say goodbye.


And it seems she isn’t planning on letting up any time soon.

Talking at the Cannes Film Festival this week – where she’s promoting her debut movie, romantic comedy Not Another Happy Ending – Gillan said of the first time she went through the script alongside her co-stars, “I literally couldn’t read it without crying.” 

“It was the most highly charged read-through I’ve ever experienced. But I couldn’t have asked for a better exit,” she told Total Film.

And although she won’t be sharing any details of her departure, she has revealed that she and her co-stars Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill shed more tears after shooting their final scene together. 

“We don’t film in chronological order so the last shot we filmed was me, Matt and Arthur going into the Tardis,” said Gillan.

“Then Matt closed the door for the last time and we were in darkness. We hugged and started crying. It was kind of tears of happiness. It was a feeling of ‘Look at what we’ve done’. It was lovely,” she told The Daily Record.

Amy Pond may be bowing out for now, but Gillan says she’d be intrigued by a Doctor Who movie.

“I think it would be great in a franchise-y sort of way, I’d look forward to sitting down and watching it,” she admitted. 

But would she return for a big-screen outing if asked? “Oh, who knows. I guess you can only cross that bridge when you come to it!


Series seven of Doctor Who is expected to begin airing in the autumn and will continue next year following the Christmas special which introduces new companion Jenna-Louise Coleman.