You’ve Been Tubed: from Aaron Sorkin to 17th-century Poland

This week's most incredible and amazing viral videos, plucked and skinned for your immediate consumption

1. Risky business
Epic time-lapse map of European border changes since 1,000AD. No, come back! This is fascinating. Who knew that Germany used to be about 100 smaller countries, that Georgia was there in more or less its present form in the 11th century, or that for ages, Poland was enormous?


Unwitting students at the Abby Kelley Foster school in Worcester, MA are interviewed about something or other. But their half-witted, adolescent ramblings have quite rightly been muted and usurped by Whitney Houston belting out I Wanna Dance with Somebody because, unbeknownst to them, behind them their teachers are massively getting their groove on. These are some mightily cool educators! Apart from the bald guy with the goatee. He’s a bit frightening.

3. Street charity

This became a news story in old-fashioned publications that are “printed” on folded paper and left on the floor of trains. A man with a video camera mounted on his cycle helmet spots another man foraging for food in a bin in central London and buys him some food. A wholesome and touching good deed, hardly undermined at all by the clip being a bit boring once you’ve got the idea.

4. Sorkin sense

Scriptwriting king Aaron Sorkin returns to his alma mater Syracuse University to address students as they graduate. Sorkin surprises everyone by delivering a rambling, ill-prepared speech about nothing in particular. I’m kidding. He does the opposite of that.

5. Dogs sing the Russian national anthem


Dogs sing the Russian national anthem.