Films on TV Tonight, Friday May 18 May

Tonight's picks include Last Holiday, Mystic Pizza, The Beach, Freedom Writers, Jason Goes to Hell: the Final Friday, Inglourious Basterds


Last Holiday — 6.40pm, Film4


Take a holiday with Queen Latifah to a snowy, ski resort in the Czech Republic as she attempts to make the most of her last weeks of life. 

Mystic Pizza — 8.00pm, Sky323

In this romantic comedy Daisy Araujo (Julia Roberts), her sister, Kat Araujo (Annabeth Gish), and friend Jojo Barboza (Lili Taylor), share each of their troubles with love. Plus, they’re all pizza parlour waitresses.

The Beach — 9.00pm, E4

Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t lost at sea in this film, but he is lost on an island searching for a beach that is considered paradise. 

Freedom Writers — 9.00pm, More4

Hilary Swank portrays English teacher Erin Gruwell in this biographical drama where her faith in troubled students inspires the Los Angeles educational system.

Jason Goes to Hell: the Final Friday — 10.00pm, 5*

Although killer Jason Voorhees gets blown up by the FBI, his spirit possesses the body of his coroner in the last film of the slasher series Friday the 13th.

Inglourious Basterds — 11.10pm, Film4


In this Quentin Tarantino hit that pokes fun at past war films, a number of twisted, comedic plots during WW2 lead to an eventual problem for a certain group of Nazis.