CSI: Miami and Pan Am axed – which TV shows have been renewed or cancelled in the US

New episodes of Grey's Anaomy and Touch on their way, plus a full run for modern-day Sherlock Holmes series Elementary

Broadcasters in America have been finalizing their autumn schedules and the big news for fans of US imports is that Pan Am has been grounded and Horatio Caine and his CSI: Miami cohorts have solved their last case. Both shows have been axed by network executives, along with the Jason Isaacs-starring Awake and JJ Abrams’s Alcatraz.


But there’s good news for fans of Grey’s Anatomy, Touch and Once Upon a Time, all of which will return for new episodes.

As for new programmes that have been picked up for a series: Elementary (the US modern-day Sherlock Holmes drama starring Jonny Lee Miller) and Sex and the City prequel The Carrie Diaries will both get a full run of episodes.

See below for a list of which shows currently with a UK broadcaster have been renewed and which have been cancelled or are ending.


90210 (CW) – E4
2 Broke Girls (CBS) – E4
30 Rock (NBC) – Comedy Central
American Dad! (Fox) – FX UK
The Big Bang Theory (CBS) – E4
Blue Bloods (CBS) – Sky Atlantic
Body of Proof (ABC) – Alibi
Bones (Fox) – Sky 1
The Cleveland Show (Fox) – FX UK
Castle (ABC) – Alibi
Cougar Town (moving to TBS) – Sky Living
Criminal Minds (CBS) – Sky Living
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS) – Channel 5
CSI: NY (CBS) – Channel 5
Dancing With the Stars (ABC) – Watch
Family Guy (Fox) – FX/BBC3
Fringe (Fox) – Sky 1
Glee (Fox) – Sky 1
Gossip Girl (CW) – ITV2
The Good Wife (CBS) – Channel 4
Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) – Sky Living
Grimm (NBC) – Watch
Happy Endings (ABC) – E4
Hart of Dixie (CW) – Really
Hawaii Five-0 (CBS) – Sky 1
How I Met Your Mother (CBS) – E4
Law & Order: SVU (NBC) – Universal
The Mentalist (CBS) – Channel 5
The Middle (ABC) – Sky 1
Mike & Molly (CBS) – Comedy Central
Modern Family (ABC) – Sky 1
NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS)- Sky 1
New Girl (Fox) – E4
Nikita (CW) – Sky Living
The Office (NBC) – Comedy Central
Once Upon a Time (ABC) – Channel 5
Parenthood (NBC) – Channel 5
Private Practice (ABC) – Sky Living
Raising Hope (Fox) – Sky 1
Rizzoli and Isles (TNT) – Alibi
Smash (NBC) – Sky Atlantic
The Simpsons (Fox) – Sky 1
Supernatural (CW) – Sky Living
Touch (Fox) – Sky 1
Two and a Half Men (CBS) – Comedy Central
The Vampire Diaries (CW) – ITV2



Alcatraz (Fox) – Watch
Allen Gregory (Fox) – E4
Awake (NBC) – Sky Atlantic
Chuck (NBC) – Sky Living
CSI: Miami (CBS) – Channel 5
Desperate Housewives (ABC) – E4
Harry’s Law (NBC) – Universal
House (Fox) – Sky 1
Luck (HBO) – Sky Atlantic
One Tree Hill (CW) – E4
Pan Am (ABC) – BBC2
Ringer (CW) – Sky Living
Terra Nova (Fox) – Sky 1
Unforgettable (CBS) – Sky Living