Films on TV Tonight, Friday 11 May

Tonight's picks include Super 8, The Last Samurai, What Lies Beneath, The 40 Year Old Virgin and Borat


Super 8 – 8.00pm, Sky Movies Premiere


A group of young friends accidentally capture footage of a train derailment, but subsequent disappearances and the arrival of military forces suggest a sinister passenger was on board.

The Last Samurai – 9.00pm, 5USA

Set in 1876, Tom Cruise stars as a disillusioned US captain, who is captured by Japanese Samurai warriors and taught to reassess his beliefs and values.

What Lies Beneath – 9.00pm, More4

Supernatural thriller starring Harrison Ford and a terrific Michelle Pfeiffer, about a couple revelling in their idyllic lakeside house when their domestic bliss is disturbed by ghostly apparitions.

The 40 Year Old Virgin – 10.35pm, ITV1

The premise is in the title, but the sharp script and comic timing of ‘virgin’ Steve Carell lend an edge to this break-out comedy hit.

Murder on the Orient Express – 11.00pm, ITV3

Starring Oscar-nominated Albert Finney and a stellar supporting cast, this is the best of the Agatha Christie adaptations, and especially enjoyable if you don’t know how it ends.

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan – 11.55pm, Channel 4


Borat Sagdiyev (aka Sacha Baron Cohen) is a leading Kazakhstani journalist whose trip to America to learn about its culture leads to endless toe-curling chaos and offence in this satirical comedy.