Russell Brand to host 2012 MTV Movie Awards

Bohemian stand-up promises to make the event "better than The Avengers"


Russell Brand will host this year’s MTV Movie Awards.


It will be the first time Brand has chaired the channel’s film event, though he hosted the MTV Music Awards in both 2008 and 09.

Talking about the ceremony, Brand joked: “This MTV Movie Awards will be more impressive than The Avengers and you won’t have to wait an hour for someone to Hulk out.”

MTV’s president Stephen Friedman praised Brand’s unique comic styling and rock‘n’roll demeanour, saying: “With his amazing ability to span the full spectrum of comedy from the most high to lowbrow, Russell’s smart, unpredictable wit uniquely connects him to our audience,

“His rock’n’roll sensibility and fearlessness give us the perfect partner with whom to take a leap of faith with as we meld the worlds of movies and music together on one very special night.”

Kirsten Stewart, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield were this week announced as the first of the 2012 MTV Movie Awards guest presenters.

The full list of nominations for this year’s event was released at the beginning of the month, and featured multiple nods for the films Bridesmaids, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince part 2 and The Hunger Games.


MTV will broadcast the 2012 Movie Awards live on Sunday 3 June.