Prince Charles presents BBC weather forecast

His Royal Highness turns his hand to meteorology whilst visiting BBC Scotland's studios


“John Kettley is a weatherman and so is Michael Fish,” sang one-hit wonders A Tribe of Toffs on their 1988 chart hit. Yet had they been writing in 2012, the song might have sounded rather different. “And so is His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales,” it might have continued, because – yes – 24 years on, Prince Charles has finally turned weather presenter…


During a recent tour of BBC Scotland’s Pacific Quay headquarters with the Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Charles was filmed delivering a full-fledged forecast against the backdrop of the BBC weather map.

The Prince’s delivery was near-flawless while his familiar hand gestures seemed made for the job, effortlessly encompassing incoming weather fronts in a single sweep. 

During the course of the forecast, the Prince found himself referring to conditions over a number of Scottish Royal residences, concluding with “snow flurries over Balmoral”, which caused His Royal Highness to joke “Who the hell wrote this script?!” 

After completing the rather dreary forecast, the Prince concluded “Thank God it isn’t a bank holiday!”

The Royal couple spent more than an hour at BBC Scotland, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary.


Watch Prince Charles delivering his weather forecast here