Former BBC weatherman Bill Giles gives his verdict on Prince Charles’s forecasting skills

An expert opinion on His Royal Highness's turn as a weather presenter at the BBC Scotland studios


During a recent tour of BBC Scotland’s Pacific Quay headquarters, Prince Charles was filmed trying his hand at reading the weather forecast.


Our take on His Royal Highness’s performance was that it was very accomplished – but what do we know? What you really need is an expert opinion – and who better to provide it than former BBC weatherman Bill Giles.

“I think he did very well… He understands quite a lot of meteorology, as he should do being an RAF pilot,” Bill told, adding that Prince Charles made “excellent use of geographical locations and detail.”

“To progress to a fully fledged weatherman he would need some help in his rather staccato and hesitant delivery,” suggested Bill, “but, after all, that is how he speaks normally.” 

The former Met Office man described His Highness as “absolutely at ease in front of the cameras” but was somewhat critical of the Prince’s tendency towards banter, suggesting that he “plays to his audience a little too much!!”

The real question is, should Prince Charles be considering a new career? 

“He is getting on a bit to change professions so I would advise him, at the moment, to keep the day job,” said Bill, “but if that fails, or he gets fed up with it, he could retrain as a weather presenter without too much problem.”

And Bill’s final verdict on Prince Charles’s performance? 

“I would say for his first attempt it was a very good effort. Well done. 7/10.”


Watch Prince Charles reading the weather forecast here