D’oh you know who this is? Guess the Simpsons celebrity guest stars

Put your trivia knowledge to the test in our space-age, state-of-the-art guest star guessing game...


Simpsons fans in the US will finally get to see an animated Lady Gaga in Springfield on Saturday 20 May, when the Born This Way singer graces the show’s season 23 finale with her glamorous and eccentric presence, making her the latest in a long line of big-name celebs to get into scrapes with America’s favourite family.


A legion of entertainment luminaries, from Barry White to Meg Ryan and beyond, have turned up on the show since it’s been on air, but how many Simpsons guests would you recognise without hearing their voices?

We’ve gathered together pics of 11 celebs as they appeared in The Simpsons, and are throwing down the gauntlet, asking you to guess who they are. So, how’s your eye for animated celebrity? Just how big a Simpsons fan are you? There’s only one way to find out: play the game…

Check your answer against each picture and at the end of the game add up your score. Then check the bottom of the page to determine just where you sit on our scale of Simpsons star-spotters. Happy guessing!



11 correct:
Cartoon paparazzo. Well done! Bravo! You’ve got a feel for celebrity that would shame Darryn Lyons.

7-10 correct:
Animated autograph hunter. Good job. It was the hair on number nine that confused you, wasn’t it?

3-6 correct:
Sketchy celeb-spotter. Room for improvement but, m’eh, it’s only an internet trivia quiz.

0-2 correct:
High court judge. Never mind, we’re running a quiz on Z Cars next week. You’re bound to do better on that…