You’ve Been Tubed: from the rock Doctor Who to Ed Miliband on The Voice

This week's finest viral videos - rinsed, peeled and presented on a bed of wry, sideways commentary

1. Sonic piledriver


Pinging around the Whovian forums this week was Eric Calderone’s massively awesome heavy-metal shredding of the Doctor Who theme.

Oi, Moffat! This needs to be the version you use on the new series. Yes, including the big widdly bit after a minute and a half.

2. Yosemite here, Yosemite there

Shawn Reeder spent two years making this time-lapse film of Yosemite and the Sierras, but by heaven it was worth it. Go full-screen HD to at least try to take in the sheer ludicrous beauty of it.

3. Two wheels good

Exciting news! Someone finally has found a use for dogs. This one in China is seen faithfully, nay, doggedly guarding his owner’s bike on a bustling street. Cute – but the ending is even cuter.

4. Try to remain phlegmatic

A news reporter in Chicago prepares to do a piece to camera, but is – hggggggggh! – interrupted by a passer-by who – cccccchhhhhhh! – is inappropriately chatty and has a – thhhhhhhhhhpt! – “bad cold”.

5. Ordinary person


How will Ed Miliband fare on goody-goody talent show The Voice? Not well, alas – and oh dear, look at his little face when Sir Tom Jones gives his comments. Dreams of fame in tatters. They’re cruel, these programmes.