Films on TV Tonight, Friday 4 May

Today's picks include Singin' in the Rain, Up, The Sixth Sense, The War of the Roses, Wayne's World and The Sting

Singin’ in the Rain – 1:05pm, C4



A timeless product of the height of MGM’s success, starring Gene Kelly as the silent heart-throb forced to co-operate with his grating leading lady before the emergence of talkies in Hollywood paves the way for rising star Debbie Reynolds.


Up – 3:40pm, Sky Movies Showcase


Pixar’s heartwarming tale of a grumpy old widower whose masterplan to attach thousands of balloons to his house and fulfill his late wife’s dream of exploring the jungle is interrupted by an unexpected passenger, eight-year-old scout Russell.


The Sixth Sense – 9:00pm, Film4


M Night Shyamalan’s masterful psychological thriller starring Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment eschews cheap thrills in favour of creepy glimpses into a haunting afterlife and a famed final twist that will have you raring to watch it all over again.  


The War of the Roses – 9:00pm, More4


Danny DeVito directs and stars in this black comedy featuring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner, a divorcing couple at war over the ownership of their prized marital home, whose determination to supplant one another results in a spate of spectacularly acidic confrontations.


Wayne’s World – 9:00pm, E4


When sleazy TV producer Rob Lowe promises to transform Wayne’s World, a low-budget, public access show hosted by Mike Myers and Garth Algar, into a TV hit, their dreams of fame and fortune do not come about quite as they expected.


The Sting – 2:15am, ITV1



Dream team Paul Newman and Robert Redford reunite as conmen who plot to avenge the death of an old chum, swindling the fortune of a dangerous mobster, played by Robert Shaw, in a film full of elaborate plot twists that swept the board with seven Oscars.