Benedict Cumberbatch: “There’s room enough for two Sherlocks, so why not three?”

Sherlock star reveals that he harbours no ill feeling about US drama Elementary - and speaks of his desire to make a Holmes film...

Benedict Cumberbatch has welcomed the existence of the upcoming American Sherlock Holmes drama Elementary, saying that it would be “churlish or bitter” of him to feel otherwise.


Speaking at a Q&A about Sherlock in New York City, the actor responded to a PBS executive’s snide comments about the rival production by saying: “As we already know with the Downey Jr. movie franchise that there’s room enough for two, so why not three?

“It’s fine. It’ll be different and I don’t think it’ll take away the love for ours, and there’s no reason to be churlish or bitter about them or what they’re trying to do.”

Cumberbatch also described Elementary’s star, Trainspotting actor Johnny Lee Miller, as “a friend.”

Appearing on stage alongside Steven Moffat and Sherlock’s producer Sue Vertue at the hour-long event, Cumberbatch revealed his desire to make a Sherlock feature film.

Asked what his dream project would be, Cumberbatch said: “It would be nice to do a film of Sherlock Holmes, wouldn’t it?”

Moffat, answering the same question, revealed that he would like to do more with both the franchises he oversees.

“If I had a blank cheque I would of course, and you know the answer already, be doing Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who,” he said to screams of approval from the audience.

Cumberbatch, Moffat and Sherlock’s producer Sue Vertue were in New York to promote the second series of Sherlock, which will begin airing in the States on PBS this Sunday.


See video of the Q&A session below: