You Khan’t be serious – Benedict Cumberbatch to play Khan in Star Trek 2?

Unconfirmed rumours say the Sherlock star's arch villain in Star Trek is Khan - but do you think it's the role he should be playing?


Ever since Benedict Cumberbatch was cast as the arch villain in JJ Abrams’s upcoming Star Trek sequel, the question has been which arch villain? Klingon, Romulan, Q, something new – or Khaaaaan?! 


Now, fan sites are abuzz with the (totally unofficial and unconfirmed) news that the Sherlock star will indeed be reprising the role made famous by Ricardo Montalban in the original Star Trek movie franchise – that of genetically enhanced superhuman Khan Noonien Singh.

Should the rumours turn out to be true, three more questions immediately present themselves: 

1) What about the timeline? 

On one hand, Cumberbatch as Khan fits, since The Wrath of Khan is the second instalment in the original Star Trek movie sequence. On the other, Abrams’s timeline begins much further back. So could it be that BC will be playing a younger Khan and that the new movie will concern his original exile by Kirk, as charted in the TV series? And isn’t it annoying when someone answers a question with a question?

2) What would Cumberbatch’s Khan look like? 

For a clue, see our artist’s impression above (and, make no mistake, this man is an artist) – painstakingly created with literally minutes of PhotoShop work… (And ignore any leaked pictures from the set of the new movie you might have seen)

3) Can Cumberbatch do Khan?


Does BC have what it takes to play the charismatic muscle-bound superhuman? He has the acting skills, and we hear he’s been hitting the weights, so the signs are good, but there’s really only one way to find out – with a poll!