The Kumars at No.42 to be revived on Sky

Sanjeev Bhaskar's spoof chat show will return in a slightly tweaked form this autumn


Spoof chat show The Kumars at No. 42 is to make a TV comeback this autumn on Sky.


Production company Hat Trick is currently offering free tickets to the shooting of the revived programme’s pilot, which will take place on Friday 18 May.

The International Emmy-winning show, which was first broadcast on the BBC from 2001-06, will return on Sky as The Kumars at No. 42b, with the show’s characters finding themselves in a whole new setting.

Hat Trick’s website sets the scene for the new series: “Forced to down-size as a result of the economic downturn, The Kumars are now living in a flat in Hounslow, behind the gift shop that Dad, Ashwin, now runs. 

“Host Sanjeev is divorced from his wife of nearly two years, Bindiya, but they share custody of their precocious 8 year old daughter. Mum, Madhuri, is intent on setting him up with a high profile celebrity and has a keen interest in online dating agencies and of course Ummi (Sanjeev’s Granny) is still there with her wicked sense of mischief and liquidised lunches.”

The Kumars at No.42 starred Sanjeev Bhaskar as Sanjeev Kumar, a TV presenter attempting to host a celebrity talk show from his home in the face of interference from his overbearing and eccentric family, who were played by Meera Syal, Indira Joshi and Vincent Ebrahim.

Bhaskar hinted at the show’s revival in an interview with The Sun last year, in which he said: “All the cast are up for it. But I’d like to see it set above a shop to reflect the credit crunch. We never got politicians on the show when it originally aired but I’d love to, particularly ones from the Coalition.”