Patrick Moore: “I’m no European – the English are best”

The Sky at Night presenter shares some frank views about Britain’s neighbours – and says Professor Brian Cox could be his successor

TV astronomer Patrick Moore has expressed some frank views on Germany, and Britain’s other European neighbours, in the latest issue of Radio Times magazine.


“I’m no European,” Moore, 89, told E Jane Dickson. “Why? Go to Europe and look around. The Germans tried to conquer us. The French betrayed us. The Belgians did very little and the Italians made us our ice cream.

“Just look at the world now and look at it when we had a bigger say in it. The English are best. Stand up for England!”

Although he will not discuss his role in the Second World War, the Sky at Night presenter is thought to have distinguished himself in both the military and in British Intelligence. And his wartime experiences – including the death of his fiancée in a bombing raid aged just 20 – have had a negative influence on his view of Germany.  

“We must take care,” warned Moore. “There may be another war. The Germans will try again, given another chance. A Kraut is a Kraut is a Kraut. And the only good Kraut is a dead Kraut.

“There can be good, free, honourable, decent Germans,” he conceded. “I haven’t met them myself, but I’m sure they exist.”

Meanwhile, speaking about his central passion, the stargazer said: “The amount we spend in a week on the war in Afghanistan would finance all the space programmes until the middle of the next century.”

Moore has presented the BBC’s astronomy series, The Sky at Night, for 55 years but, now in his 90th year, he can’t go on for ever. Who should eventually replace him? He wouldn’t object to Professor Brian Cox, who he describes as “very good, and a very nice chap.”


Read the full interview with Patrick Moore in the new issue of Radio Times, on sale from Tuesday 1 May, and find out why Matt LeBlanc swapped his $1 million pay cheque for the BBC…