Warwick Davis to join Karl Pilkington in An Idiot Abroad specials

The pair will travel from Italy to China in An Idiot Abroad: The Short Way Round

An Idiot Abroad, the irreverent travel show starring Ricky Gervais’s friend Karl Pilkington, will return for two specials, Sky1 has confirmed.


The Short Way Round, which also features Life’s Too Short’s Warwick Davis, will be comprised of two 60-minute episodes.

During the course of the two programmes, the stars will travel 5000 miles from Venice to Easten Europe, India and China to recreate the journey of explorer Marco Polo.

Pilkington aired some light-hearted reservations about the new programmes, saying: “I don’t know how it will work out. Honestly. Edmund Hillary had that Tenzing fella, Ben Fogle had James Cracknell. I’ve been given an Ewok.”

But series creator Gervais had no such issues about the chemistry between the pair. He joked: “Karl once said to me that opposites attract; Warwick Davis is sociable, hardworking and never complains. They should get along fine.”

And while the show will feature more of Pilkington’s ‘trademark observations’, The Short Way Round will also focus on Davis’s “varying experiences as a little person in different countries”.

Gervais recently revealed the unorthodox mode of transport that will be used by the pair in the new shows.

He said: “Karl has finally signed the contract for The Short Way Round, cycling around the world with a dwarf in his basket. He signed this week so he can’t back out now.

“When I told him that idea, he didn’t say, ‘That’s ridiculous’. He said, ‘So I’m doing all the f***ing pedalling?’ That was his first problem with the idea.”


The special episodes of An Idiot Abroad are expected to be broadcast later this year on Sky1.