What should Only Fools and Horses USA be called?

American TV network ABC has offered two choices, but surely you can do better...

It’s one of the best-loved British comedies of all time and the Americans are remaking it…


Now, it’s a discussion for another day whether or not it’s a good idea to attempt to transplant John Sullivan’s south London chancers to the other side of the Atlantic, so let’s have it another day.

In the meantime, ABC, the US network behind the project, are looking for a name for the show that will star John Leguizamo as Del, Dustin Ybarra as Rodney and Christopher Lloyd as Grandad.

Yesterday, ABC posted a message on the Modern Family Facebook page that read:

“ABC is naming a new comedy series, and they want your opinion… Description: Two fumbling brothers are just one scheme away from striking it rich. [Suggested titles]: 



Now, in our opinion, neither of these is particularly inspiring.

For those who don’t know, Van Nuys is a suburb of the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles – so the first title is effectively like calling the UK show Kings of Peckham. If nobody knew how to pronounce “Peckham”.

The second one is, you’ll have noticed immediately, merely the first half of the original title. While it didn’t matter in the UK that hardly anyone was familiar with the saying “Only fools and horses work”, shortening it seems a bit weird: it makes it look (even more) as if the makers are simply insulting the characters.

So, your suggestions please. We reckon they might go with something a bit cheesy that plays on the brothers’ dreams of striking it rich: THIS TIME NEXT YEAR maybe, or even AMERICAN DREAMERS. Or what about EMPIRE STATE OF MIND? It means relocating to New York, but it would sort the theme tune straight away. 


You can do better. Your thoughts, please, plonkers…