Films on TV tonight, Wednesday 24 April

Tonight's picks include Mrs. Doubtfire, Gremlins, Saw, Shallow Grave, The Social Network and Clueless

Mrs. Doubtfire – 7:35pm, 5*


Robin Williams stars in this comedy caper as the slovenly father thrown out of home who conspires to see his children by disguising himself as an elderly female nanny-cum-housekeeper.

Clueless – 8:00pm, E4

Romantic comedy starring Alicia Silverstone as the 16-year-old who knows everything about fashion, and who plans to give a new high school student a makeover.

The Social Network – 8:00pm, Sky Movies Crime/Thriller

Jesse Eisenberg gives a breakthrough performance in this biopic of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, which charts the rise of the social networking website.

Shallow Grave – 9:00pm, Film4

Black comedy starring Ewan McGregor, Kerry Fox and Christopher Eccleston about three flatmates whose lives are changed forever after they’re joined by a new tenant who is not all he seems.

Saw – 10:00pm, E4

Grisly horror starring Cary Elwes about two apparently unconnected men who wake up to find themselves chained to a wall in a crumbling subterranean bathroom.

Gremlins – 10:45pm, ITV2


Zach Galligan heads the cast in this black comedy horror about cute little critters who become slimy monsters if they’re exposed to light & water or fed after dark.