Barack Obama slow-jams the news – video

See the "POTUS with the most" make an extraordinary guest appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Far be it from me to suggest that American talk shows and, perhaps, some American politicians are enviably cooler than their British equivalents, but: get a load of this clip from NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.


Fallon discusses Barack Obama’s efforts to prevent student loan costs rising, and then announces that he will “slow-jam” this news with the help of the Roots. So far, so late-night talk show… except the guest vocalist is Obama himself, who pops out from behind the stage’s curtains to wild applause from a flabbergasted studio audience.

The Roots and the President of the United States do indeed then perform a slow jam based on affordable higher education, complete with a visibly nervous Fallon as Obama’s hype man.

Top that, The One Show.